Museums & the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Solving the pirate's Dilemma
The Challenge of Reconciling Underwater Cultural Heritage & Foreign Direct Investment
The market in Iraqi antiquities 1980-2008 (en)
A Survey of the Material and Intellectual Consequences of Trading ....
The Trade in Ancient Coins in the USA: Scale and Structure
Droit de Suite: The Applicable Law in Cross-Border Resales of Works of Art under Directive 2001/84/EC
A Coordinated Legal and Policy Approach to Undiscovered Antiquities....
Rejecting Renvoi for Movable Cultural Property: The Islamic Republic of Iran v. Denyse Berend
Why U.S. Federal Criminal Penalties for Dealing in Illicit Cultural Property are Ineffective, and a Pragmatic Alternative
How Adopting the Lex Originis Rule Can Impede the Flow of Illicit Cultural Property
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